6 talks every angular developer must watch

There are a lot of articles about angular out there (including my own). But sometimes I think it is much more convenient to watch a nice tutorial or talk, especially if you start learning about a new topic. They not only give you a great overview of the technology but often contain very valuable side information; Small details, that give you a better understanding of the subject. Unfortunately, these videos are much harder to find, especially if you are looking for content with decent audio and video Quality.

So I thought I would create a list with containing the "must watch" content that is somewhat related to angular (2+).

Diving into Typescript

John Papa & Dan Wahlin

Since angular is written in Typescript and the most common way of writing angular applications is using the Typescript language, I highly recommend that you know as much about the language as possible. In this talk, John Papa and Dan Wahlin give you an introduction about Typescript in general and in the context of angular. Not only is this talk very informative, but also quite funny and entertaining to watch.


Building Angular 2 Apps with Typescript and Visual Studio Code

John Papa

If you consider learning angular, have just begun, this video is for you! In this talk, John Papa gives you a great introduction to all the angular basics. Decorators, components, modules, templates, data-binding, services. All explained in a short and easy to understand manner and shown with nice visualizations and live-coding examples. Seriously, I wish I watched this video before starting to learn angular.



John Papa

This talk is all about the angular-cli (command line interface). John Papa explains all the different commands, how to use them and how they save you time. From creating a new project to generating new components, to a rich IDE experience with snippets. This talk is all about productivity with angular. Of course, everything is backed up with great live-coding examples in a Star Wars theme, and the entertaining performance of the speaker.


RxJS - The Good Parts

Chris Gosselin & Daniel Figuerido

You may do not know this, but angular is using internally using RxJs to a great extent. At some points, this is noticeable, for example with output emitters or the HTTP service. But this library has so much more to offer than being a complex replacement for promises. This talk provides some great insight of the most commonly used functionalities of RxJs, hopefully resulting in a much greater understanding of the angular framework itself.


The Angular 2 Compiler

Tobias Bosch

I always want to know how things work under the hood. Unfortunately, this information is often very hard to find. This talk by Tobias Bosch gives some great insight, about how angular and its compiler work. A great starting point, to get familiar with the principle of ahead of time compilation and server-side rendering in the angular world.


Optimizing Angular 2 Apps

Martin Probst

So you have learned all about angular and build your first production application. You compile and deploy it, open the browser and see that your application is 3 Megabyte large and takes forever to load on a mobile connection. What to do now?
This talk by Martin Probst is all about optimizing your application, to deliver the best experience to your costumer. It covers topics like AOT-Compilation, tree-shaking and bundling. Definitely, a must watch!