Angular Top 20: What you should have read in 2018 so far

Keeping up reading all the new articles that are released every day is a tough task!

Therefore, I have collected the best blog-posts about angular that got released in the first quarter of 2018.

Thank you everybody for writing such great articles!

This list is not a competition though. There is no first or last place. They are all a great contribution to the angular community. Especially those articles, I might have missed and/or are not included in this collection.

Happy reading!


Extend the *ngIf Syntax to Create a Custom Permission Directive
by Juri Strumpflohner
21 February 2018

Real Time Apps with TypeScript: Integrating Web Sockets, Node & Angular
by Luis Aviles
9 January 2018

Angular's NgIf, Else, Then - Explained
by Todd Motto
11 January 2018

Sexier Imports in TypeScript
by Netanel Basal
26 February 2018

Angular techniques: Improve submit button’s UX by NOT disabling it.
by Tomek Sułkowski
26 March 2018

Building PWAs with Angular 5
by Antoni Huguet Vives
12 February 2018

Angular CLI & Tooling

Feature Toggling with Angular and the Angular CL
by Austin, @amcdnl
9 March 2018

Run Angular CLI repos directly in your browser
by Eric Simons
9 February 2018

Use React tools for better Angular apps
by Martin Hochel
6 March 2018

Create Angular Libraries in No Time Using Schematics
by Netanel Basal
6 March 2018

Compile-time vs. Runtime configuration of your Angular App
by Juri Strumpflohner
22 January 2018


Insider’s guide into interceptors and HttpClient mechanics in Angular
by Max NgWizard K
9 January 2018


Advanced Caching with RXJS
by Dominic Elm
5 March 2018

Testing Actions in NGRX Store
by Todd Motto
8 February 2018

Angular - Using Single Subscription for Multiple Async Pipes
by Nitay Neeman
29 December 2017

Understanding mergeMap and switchMap in RxJS
by Netanel Basal
24 January 2018

RxJS: Avoiding switchMap-Related Bugs
by Nicholas Jamieson
12 March 2018

Angular Compiler & Stuff

What you always wanted to know about Angular Dependency Injection tree
by Alexey Zuev
20 March 2018

Angular: writing configurable modules
by Michele Stieven
21 February 2018


Using Python, Flask, and Angular to Build Modern Web Apps - Part 1
by Bruno Krebs
13 March 2018

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